Joseph G. Clauss Jr. DDS
Benjamin D. Clauss DDS


- 1979 Aerial Photo -

The Clauss family has been taking care of Western New Yorker's dental needs for over 50 years. Our office opened in September of 1952 in the same white house that it is still in today. Dr. Joseph G. Clauss Sr., who is now retired, bought the large house at 4314 South Buffalo St. in Orchard Park shortly after graduating from dental school at the University of Buffalo in June of 1952. When the practice opened Dr. Joseph G. Clauss Sr. worked alone with only one dental chair. At the time, this was only the third dental practice in Orchard Park. Over the years many changes have taken place, the first was the addition of a room to the office and hiring a hygienist as the practice grew.

Then in 1978 an addition was added to the back of the house. The office was expanded to fill the entire first floor of the house with four dental chairs and two hygiene chairs. At the same time Dr. Clauss Sr. and his family moved to the expanded second floor of the house where they still live today. The following year Dr. Joseph G. Clauss Jr. graduated from dental school at the University of Buffalo. He then joined Dr. Clauss Sr. forming the second father son dental practice in Orchard Park. Dr. Joseph G. Clauss Jr. and Sr. worked together for the next 13 years until Dr. Clauss Sr. retired in 1992.

Dr. Joseph G. Clauss Jr. then worked alone until 2008 when he was joined by his son Dr. Benjamin D. Clauss. This makes our dental office the first and only third generation dental practice in Orchard Park.

Photographs by Michael Clauss, September 1978.
Top: Dr. Joseph Clauss Sr. treating a patient with Dr. Joesph Clauss Jr.'s wife Sally assisting.
Middle: Dr. Joseph Clauss Sr.'s wife Ann working at the front desk.
Bottom: Dr. Joseph Clauss Sr.'s daughter inlaw Mary seeing a patient for a hygiene appointment.